I grew up on a farm in Western Nebraska/NE Colorado, married my high school sweetheart and moved around like crazy, currently in Eastern Washington on my own mini-farm, complete with my beloved Jersey/Guernsey cross milk cow, 13 chickens, Appaloosa horse, dog and 3 barn cats…and a barn that’s about to implode upon itself.  My husband and I have two boys and one on the way.  My husband is a hard worker and can fix anything!  I have PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome) and have battled it knowingly and unknowingly for 20 years and finally at age 34 found the keys to healing my body through whole food; thus beginning a new obsession in my life.  I am becoming fiercely anti-feminist, but I do not believe women should be doormats…and I do prefer to wear a bra!  I am politically conservative.  I am “crunchy” and weird and get “crunchier” every day (cloth diapers, whole foods, no chemicals, no hair products but shampoo, etc.).  I seek to have a heart that knows the Lord and serve Him through singing, serving my family, raising children and other every day “mundane” things (that are NOT mundane if done for Him).  I often get sidetracked and lose my focus, but I press on!  I am NOT perfect and I will not lie to you about that.  I need the grace of God just as much as everyone else.


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