Monthly Archives: April 2014

Been too long

Goodness! It has been a while since I made any attempt to blog. I’m not real sure where this year went. I like to say “up in baby”. Whew!

I had so many different posts in my head at one time or another and who knows, they might come to be…
1. Home birth of baby #3-AWESOME.
2. My “welfare recipient” cats that I decided to change from a political post to a post about love…and never posted. For the record, it was in my head every morning while I was out milking the cow, but … life. happened.
3. My kids growing, learning, home schooling, changing.
4. That anti-feminism book I read…yah, good read.
5. That post partum depression and how much more I love my Naturopath.
6. Our recent 1248 mile trip (non stop on the way home) via stuffed 2001 Dodge Durango to visit my dear Mother-in-law who was recently diagnosed with breast and ovarian cancer.
7. Returning home to a cow with mastitis.
8. Numerous food rants.
9. That great big God I serve and love and how he guides me every day…

I’m here to tell you, the fun of life never ends! I may or may not get around to posting my hearty commentary on these subjects. My goal is to do just that, but … life happens. I spout off that response a lot around here. What happened to the house today? “Life happened.” I could go on and on, but the reality is I’m tired and my kids have finally settled down for a nap and I think I’ll enjoy the quiet and try to shut off my brain. Till next time!