Been too long

Goodness! It has been a while since I made any attempt to blog. I’m not real sure where this year went. I like to say “up in baby”. Whew!

I had so many different posts in my head at one time or another and who knows, they might come to be…
1. Home birth of baby #3-AWESOME.
2. My “welfare recipient” cats that I decided to change from a political post to a post about love…and never posted. For the record, it was in my head every morning while I was out milking the cow, but … life. happened.
3. My kids growing, learning, home schooling, changing.
4. That anti-feminism book I read…yah, good read.
5. That post partum depression and how much more I love my Naturopath.
6. Our recent 1248 mile trip (non stop on the way home) via stuffed 2001 Dodge Durango to visit my dear Mother-in-law who was recently diagnosed with breast and ovarian cancer.
7. Returning home to a cow with mastitis.
8. Numerous food rants.
9. That great big God I serve and love and how he guides me every day…

I’m here to tell you, the fun of life never ends! I may or may not get around to posting my hearty commentary on these subjects. My goal is to do just that, but … life happens. I spout off that response a lot around here. What happened to the house today? “Life happened.” I could go on and on, but the reality is I’m tired and my kids have finally settled down for a nap and I think I’ll enjoy the quiet and try to shut off my brain. Till next time!


One thought on “Been too long

  1. Well I 100% agree that life has a way of passing to quickly. My blog has been lost in blog world too. So much going on and so much to talk about, yet, have nothing to say. “If you know what I mean”! LOL Glad to see you have not forgot about your readers….I think of mine all the time.

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