Livin’ the dream

A few Sundays back we were gathered around the table and the boys were talking about which one of them was going to be the farmer who lived with Maddox (the baby). Basically, they were fighting over the baby…who was going to live with Maddox. So sweet, right? They were going to be farmers and Mason was going to live on this farm with Maddox and have two cows and I was going to milk his cows for him. (I always tell him when he gets his farm, I’m going to come work on it with him.) Creighton (age 2) was telling us how he was going to live on a farm with Mommy (probably only since Mason won’t let him live with him because he now wants the baby to live with him).

I took the liberty to explain that “once upon a time” I wanted to be a veterinarian and then I got greedy so I pursued (human) medicine. After that I got lazy (or fell in love?) and decided to be a nurse instead. Near the end of nursing school I found a passion with children, so I decided to teach. But all I ever wanted was to “be” a mom and after an excruciating 10 year wait I became one. Now, I’m livin’ my dream. I told them this. I’m living my dream of being a wife, a mom and “a farmer” (remember, I say that loosely, because we are very s.m.a.l.l. hobby farmers, but Mason swears we’re farmers because we have a cow and carry hay!). And technically, if we provide nourishing products to others than ourselves, that makes me a farmer….ah, so I embrace the label (while REAL farmers scoff, right?).

Anyway…later in the day Hubby applauds me and says he’s happy I am doing what I’ve always wanted…kids and farm and all. Ahh, success! Knowing your spouse is proud of your and happy for you is way up high on the emotional “want” list, is it not? Knowing that he’s ok that a (sometimes significant?) part of his paycheck is going to feed more animals (hey, it’s not nails, hair or new cars, right?) lessens the apprehension I sometimes feel when I bring another this or that home for this or that animal. In the end though, life is too short to do something you hate. My Daddy always preached that to us and it’s true.


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