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Pray Always, without ceasing.

Our sermon Sunday was about prayer.  Specifically, what God says about prayer and setting time aside to “do” prayer, and what prayer “is”, or what it should be.  The Bible says to pray without ceasing and not to be showy like the hypocrites or use big fancy words.  Dang!  I love big fancy words!  Ok, but let’s be real.  I’m a mom and I don’t have an hour or two or more (if you’re really a good pray-er) to do this “prayer thing”.

It is a relief that our prayers should not be long, flamboyant, fancily-worded or showy.  It is also awesome that My God understands where I am in life (the mother of busy young children).  I don’t need to be in church to pray, kneeled by my bed or in a rocking chair with my Bible on my lap (how pious, eh?).  I can pray right now as I write this blog and the sun is coming up over the hills.  One line, “Wow, thanks God, that’s really beautiful.”  One line.  Thank you.  Prayer.  Done.  Simple.  God is honored.

I can pray while I’m milking my cow, even.  (I know, you’re asking if I’m ever going to stop talking about this silly cow…)And what’s cool is that God hears that prayer just as loud and clear as he hears the one of the monk who has been meditating all morning.  I am not discrediting meditating or monks here, don’t get me wrong.  I’m just saying in our busy lives there IS time for God.  There IS time for prayer…one sentence at a time.  I don’t even have to voice it out loud, although sometimes I do.  I don’t have to fold my hands or close my eyes (my four year old will tell you different).  I can just have a conversation with the Lord right then and there…lest I forget, procrastinate, forget what I’m thankful for, decide I can handle it on my own…etc.

Something else that’s cool?!  The grandmother I met at the playground in Moscow over the weekend who is here visiting from Phoenix while her 10 year old grandson undergoes treatment for leukemia (scary for this family!)…her name was Marilyn and I know precious little more than that.  I can pray and God knows who I’m talking about-even though there are thousands of Marilyn’s out there!

The point of my writing today is not that I am “all that” with my prayer.  The Lord knows I could and should pray more, but isn’t it exciting that it doesn’t have to be a huge undertaking?  I can pray without ceasing in little blurbs all day.  Little conversations with God.  Little sentences of thankfulness or need throughout the day…

Be blessed today, Friends!