Off the wagon and back on…

I want to encourage you, if you beat yourself up over failing with this nutrition stuff, just pick up where you left off when you fail and get back on the wagon.

About a month ago, I shared a Wendy’s Frosty with my boys and this became the start of a downhill slide for me that I (no kidding) just now recognized. The Frosty led to McFlurry’s, M&M’s, homemade granola bars (with organic and gluten free ingredients, but lots of honey), slugs of chocolate chips down my throat, etc. I couldn’t figure out what was going on. I have been grouchy, indecisive, achy, acne, tired and just not really myself, although I must say, it sneaks up on a person (the return of the addiction).

Just about 4 days ago it hit me what was going on. I had fallen off the wagon. The sugar-recovery wagon. Drat. In the past I may have beat myself up over it, but not anymore. I recognized the problem and now it was time to fix it. So, back to no sugar and I’m feeling better already!

I have always said that remaining gluten free is motivation because it takes 9-10 days to clear my system. Sugar only about 48 hours, really. Ok, at most 72. So, sometimes the “risk” is worth the pain if you get what I am saying. When you are having a major sugar craving you can poo-poo those 72 hours of joint pain and crabbiness away because it’s “only 3 days”. Apparently that’s what I was doing…every day. Well, 30 days later, it’s a fresh start and my head is clearing and I’m feeling more physically motivated rather than making myself do things around here.

My encouragement to you is not to give up. Pick yourself up after you figure out what’s been going on and start afresh and anew. God Bless!


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