To buy a bull or not…that is the question…

So, I’ll probably be selling my cow (only to get another) since she hasn’t bred back and by the time I get her to we will be 8 months without milk.  I could loan her out and have offered and thought about that, but it probably makes more sense to sell her and start over.

I thought she was coming into heat again (and she was and did) after the AI 3 weeks ago and so I got on the phone with a couple I learned of in Northern Idaho that has a Guernsey bull they lease out.  The bull lease is only $100, but the gas both ways for them to deliver him was an additional $100.  Hubby freaked out, to say the least.  He hates spending money on things that we have nothing to show for.  (understandable!)  However, this is one of those things when you are a hobby farmer that you just have to adjust to…at least in my mind.

So, I mention to him that this bull is for sale and seems how we’ve already spent and could potentially spend here half the cost of the bull Hubby says, “why don’t you just buy the bull?”  Hmm…the bull is already in bull service and has clients.  Could be a business I could do from home and take my kids with as we deliver him.  We could potentially write off vehicle and some feed expenses as well as the fencing we just bought.  But it’s a bull!

And while this bull is notorious for his great disposition and gets compliments where ever he goes, he is still…A. BULL.

But it could be an interesting business venture, really.  And if he doesn’t work out we can always put him in the freezer (butcher him).

I’m anxious to talk with one of my cow friends when she returns home from a trip to Arizona and ask her all kinds of questions about things I should consider before I leap on this or potentially NOT leap on this.  She also has a dairy cow and would love to borrow the bull.  I assume she knows other folks who have need for a dairy bull, too.

Anyway…(sigh) life on the wanna-be farm continues.  I always thought if I were buying and selling cattle they would be beef cattle, specifically Angus or Angus-cross and I would be doing it from more than 2.51 acres and definitely not in Eastern Washington.  It is funny how God takes you on these little wild rides.  Sorry, Daddy.  I guess I won’t be a “real rancher”, just a wanna be for now.  giggle.


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