Gluten, Cortisol, Vitamin D…what was my starting “regimen”? (Early 2012)

So I mentioned in my previous post that I went off gluten in late Nov/early Dec 2011.  And refined sugar too.  I kept looking for sugar replacements (honey, agave, stevia) and have pretty much given up on that at this point.  I do use honey and I have stevia in my cupboard, but those things I used to put sugar on I just eat without now.  The sourness of a grapefruit doesn’t bother me anymore.  It’s all what you get used to.

In mid-January, 2012 upon seeing my Naturopath (hippie doctor, quack, whatever you want to call him…miracle worker?) I continued to be gluten free, soy free by choice, and sugar free.  He referred me to the kalish diet and at this time I had also read The Perfect Health Diet by Jaminet and Jaminet and understood safe carbs, grain-free, lots of veggies and good fruits, healthy fats, the healthiest nuts, etc.  Dairy can be an inflammatory agent, but raw dairy seems to be ok.  He especially wanted me to keep eating dairy because I was still nursing the baby and needed the extra calories.

I was also (and still am) taking a supplement called Juice Plus, which is, I think, essentially the fibers left over after juicing organic fruits and veggies, in pill form.  I’ve been taking this for two years.  Now, my kids are on it, too.

I added a better prenatal, although the one I was taking wasn’t “so” bad.  I added Vitamin D3, fish oil, started being more cognizant of using coconut oil and butter as opposed to olive oil.  I even rendered my own lard because that is a healthy saturated fat my body needed and the stuff in the store is hydrogenated.

I added phosphorylated serine at supper and melatonin at bedtime.

My baby slept.  I slept.

Did I mention I slept?  I have rarely slept completely through the night and upon wakening felt rested.  I slept and I felt rested for the first time in my entire life.  No kidding.  Just that was a miracle!  Ok, I did sleep a little better after taking the Insulite supplements in 2010.

By the time I stopped nursing (and I do NOT diet) I was down to pre-baby weight.  Not really something to brag about, but I had lost 20 pounds prior to conceiving and could have stood to lose a bit more.  I don’t own a scale, remember.  I weighed in at the Naturopaths office every couple months.

My baby stopped nursing when he was 10 months and since he had pulled two other “strikes” on me I was done fighting him.  I cried that day because I could see him graduating high school and leaving home for good…yep, just because he was done nursing.  In the end, it became a relief not to be attached to the Medela or my beautiful baby attached to me, or me worrying about my milk supply and timing nursings before we went out and about.

Once I was done nursing I could add in DHEA and Pregnenolone drops and did so the end of May 2012.  WOW-wee.  He told me I would feel lots better but it would be gradual.  He was right and it was gradual…in about a month or two time I felt like I could conquer the world!


2 thoughts on “Gluten, Cortisol, Vitamin D…what was my starting “regimen”? (Early 2012)

    1. Designs For Health Prenatal. It has ferrous bisglycinate which is THE MOST digestible iron. I was taking Rainbow Light whole food based prenatal. My ND recommended this one.

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