Conquering the world (the rest of 2012)…

I don’t know how else to explain this feeling but as “feeling like I could conquer the world.”  I have never been so strong in my legs and so pain free in my joints that I wanted to run.  I was motivated to walk all over this old farmstead we just bought in June.  I was picking up doors and throwing them into the pickup and then unloading them.  I was stacking 80-90 pound bales of hay.

A full night of sleep was coming nightly for me and I was feeling a.w.e.s.o.m.e.

I had never EVER had a regular period in my life.  Ever.  No kidding.  I mean it, ever.  I might have one every 3 months, 45 days, 4 months…you just never knew.  I might have a positive OPK (ovulation predictor test) and then not pop out an egg.  Prior to 2009, no one even knew for sure if I had even ovulated on my own!  There was always pain “down there” in my sides, but it was from cysts, who knew if it was from ovulation.  Sometimes, I am told, the lining in the uterus can build up and not get sloughed monthly to the point where after three months it just sloughs itself without ovulation.  That was probably me.

June saw my first period, 3 weeks after starting the drops.  July saw another at 29 days past the first and charted by me as I felt ovulation and noticed the classic fertile mucus.   July also found me almost 10 pounds below pre-pregnancy weight and about 7 pounds til I was pre-marriage weight!  Pre-marriage weight?  That was a number I never thought I’d see.  It’s just a number, though!  I was healthier than I had ever been, all numbers aside.  August saw another at 27 days and charted to be right on time.  At the end of August with all the fertile signs there and a positive OPK I convinced my husband (didn’t take much) that we should try for a baby.  September’s period didn’t come.  I was pregnant.  First try.  Unreal.

Now that I was pregnant I couldn’t take the drops.  A little bit of joint pain came back and my sleeping grew erratic again, but my Naturopath gave me another supplement to help and told me above anything get enough rest.  I had just had some blood work done which revealed coming to the top of Stage 2 Adrenal Fatigue, so my motivation as of late is to really take care of myself and not lose the ground I gained.

I remain gluten free, sugar free (mostly) and soy free and take the supplements properly.  I am motivated to be healthy!  I go to sleep at 8:15/8:30pm and wake at 4:30 am on the weekdays.  I milk my dear cow at 5am, when everyone is still sleeping.  I take a nap if I need to, but not very often.  I eat lots of green stuff (breakfast, lunch and supper).  I can tell in my joints when I need to eat better!  I sometimes eat coconut oil by the spoonful so I get my “healthy fat”.  I’m not as energetic as I was this summer, but I trust that will all come back, too.

I feel amazingly blessed to have at one time begged at the altar of the Lord for healing.  I meant physical healing.  I received emotional healing first.  Then I received the gift of a child given to me by someone else.  Then He, in his perfect love, revealed to me little by little what I should be doing health-wise.  My mind opened with each practitioner I saw.  This is not the end of my story and I am not completely healed yet, but my God has given me some amazing answers and just in the nick of time…before my fertility (or lack of) ran out, before menopause hit.

I am humbled that my prayer some 9 years ago was answered and I have received blessings that I would never have known some 12 years ago could be so sweet.  Blessings that I do not take for granted (most of the time).  Blessings I thought would never come my way.  Blessings I pined over and spent an incalculable amount of time grieving.  Blessings that now remind me of the hope in life and I hope to help others on their infertility path as well.


One thought on “Conquering the world (the rest of 2012)…

  1. AWESOME! AWESOME! You had me at the “Eat Coconut Oil by spoonfuls”! UGH! I am going to the coconut oil and use it cooking all the time. I think you should start to have some classes and teach others what you have learned. I have been trying to do more healthy too, and I know I have a very long way to go.

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