Oh, the adoption process… (2008)

We were not going through an agency, but we still had to have our homestudy completed by an agency.  I called two.  One never called back.  The other one, Catholic Charities, could be there in a few days.  After talking to the attorney it was my understanding that we needed to get on this paperwork ASAP as things had to be approved six weeks before the birth and this process could take up to two months.

We were under the gun!

Fingerprints, homestudy application, homestudy interviews, doctors appointments for health checks, FMLA applications, garage sales, Goodwill shopping, baby books, a baby shower, appointments with lactation specialists for adoptive breastfeeding…the list goes on…in 3 months time.

But we were ready and God showed his amazing love through it all.  He was giving us a child and if he could provide that, he could provide the timing that everything would work out.  And the long and short of it is that it DID work out.  I will have to have a different thread to talk about the amazing blessings during this time.

At what seemed like the last minute (a week or two before we were to leave to go get our baby) the birth father’s mother popped into the question.  Our Oregon attorney had other things on his mind and wasn’t a lot of help.  Our Nebraska attorney said we’d have to offer him the same we did for our birth mother.  So, when you are in love with your child you haven’t met yet, what do you do?

You sign some more agreements.

And then May 9, 2008 arrived and we headed for the flat land of Nebraska where our beloved birth mother was being induced in two days.

Late in the night of the 11th (Mother’s Day) they decided to take our baby by c-section and her sister called us to tell us to be at the hospital soon.  I’m going to skip some details and pick up with them later when I journey our adoption in closer detail.  We arrived at the hospital about 1am and this lady came from nowhere to hug me tightly.  It was our birthmother’s mother.  We waited in the waiting room until they had our son, Mason in the nursery.  They washed him and put drops in his eyes and wrapped him up snugly and then placed him in my arms.

Oh the joy!  Oh the tears!  Oh. My. Goodness!  We were both crying and so amazed, yet we had no idea of what parenthood was about.  We were just beginning!


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