Life was moving on…and it was good. (2006, 2007, 2008)

It was good!  I was singing on our church’s Praise Team, I was riding my horse, a few goats, keeping house, working at a job with some “upward mobility”, good pay and good benefits and I had conquered anxiety.

But age 30 was approaching…and it did approach.  The age that the last RE I saw told me to consider re-entering fertility treatments.  My husbands insurance covered a lot of the cost and it was something to consider…maybe next year.  I was happy that I had completed my college degree just a hair before turning 30!  Now, into the world I went…or so I thought.

My sister in law, who is my age, just announced her pregnancy and my own sister was pregnant and due any day with her second child.

About the time my degree was complete a teenager in my hometown became pregnant and several months later my mom wrote her a letter.



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