I quit…again. (2009)

In February 2009, the next year I was really lamenting the fact that my baby was in daycare when I had all the skills necessary not only to raise him, but to run my own child care.  I’d done it before!  My first degree was in Education and my second in Management.  So, after I convinced my husband it was going to be ok and the right thing to do, I started on my business plan.

I quit the end of March without a single child enrolled!  My boss told me I was wasting my brains.  I packed up the kid and went home to Nebraska for a week.  By the time I returned I had four kids enrolled.  🙂

Honestly, my decision was hard.  Or, rather, getting to that point was hard.  I wanted to be a stay at home mommy, but I just couldn’t see how we could make it on one income.  I wanted to be the one who took care of my child, and we both agreed that was the right thing to do.  In the end, this is how my decision-making logic went:

– There is more to life than work.

– God gave me this precious gift and he provided then, he will provide now (and he did).

– I will regret in 30 years not giving it a try.  It is doubtful I will regret staying home, but I will regret going to work.  I will never regret these moments spent with my child.

– I can work in 18 years.  Remember, I have that piece of paper.

Running a child care in this particular area was a lot more challenging than in Nebraska.  Me-ism runs deep and wide in this place and people are much more willing to fork out money for cell phones, alcohol, car payments and cable TV than they are quality child care.

But I managed to get 8 kids enrolled and didn’t need them all to be full time, either.  Remember, I’m doing this to stay home with my kid and help others.  I named my child care Little Blessings.  My Nebraska child care was Angel Acres.

Over the course of the next year the kids would come and go, but we always had enough.

And…I started wanting another baby…


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