And get healthy I did. (2010)

I took the chemicals off my face and body and replaced my products with healthy options.  I put Mason in cloth diapers and cloth wipes and safer bath products.  I ate whole grains and tossed Crisco, Velveeta, white flour, soy bean oil, anything processed.  I bought all kinds of nuts, beans and real cheese and real milk, berries and green things.  I made green salads for the first time in my life.  I weaned myself to a better white sugar level and eventually substituted honey and other sweeteners for sugar.  My family came along with me…but I didn’t pressure them.  I had to do this for me.  Otherwise, PCOS was going to kill me in the form of heart disease, diabetes, stress, etc.  The surgery taught me one lesson:  I feared a sick life.  It was up to me to get healthy.

The reviews on the Insulite program were good and I continued to take it and for the first time in my life I slept!  My acne subsided, although my skin was still greasy.  I added Evening Primrose Oil and Borage Oils and looked into Lunaception.  I took the green lights out of the bedroom and closed the shades so it was dark.

My doc found a lump in my breast the middle of August and I had a mammogram and ultrasound and nothing could really be deciphered from it.  My husband was a wreck as cancer runs rampant in his family and his aunt died from breast cancer at a very young age after being told it was “nothing”.  I was to keep an eye on it every six months.  My poor hubby.  He just got an offer for a transfer with his job to an area we have always been excited about and now this!

Jeff transferred with his job the end of August, so that halted our adoption plans.  I stayed behind to “sell the house”.  The house that to date 2  + years later has still not sold.

I was still not cycling and decided since I’d done so much weird stuff already (changing one’s diet is “weird” and I was about to get weirder) that I’d see an acupuncturist.  It helped my cousin with her testosterone issue.  On November 12th or around there I had my first appointment.  I was some 80 days into my cycle then.  After two treatments I ovulated.  We DTD and on Thanksgiving 2010 I had a positive pregnancy test!  My doc got me in right away given my history and gave me a shot of progesterone just to be sure.  My numbers all looked ok, but they continued to watch me once a week with ultrasounds and blood work for 14 weeks!

We spent most of the early winter apart with him returning on weekends and then he had to work overtime in February on a job that was supposed to last six weeks.  By April he was still working the same job.  Mason and I were traveling to spend weekends with him, but he only had Sundays off.  My daycare clients were dwindling and I was really missing my husband.

After 8 months of living apart, we found a place to rent and got under one roof.  May 2011 was a happy month!  I was 7 months pregnant and our bills were paid thanks to all the overtime my hubby worked.  I was unemployed by choice and preparing for a new blessing.


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