And baby makes…four! (2010, 2011)

Our Oregon house was still not rented, but we had an interested couple.  They asked us to take it off the market and they’d rent it.  We did.  No one wanted to buy the house we’d put so much love and care into.  Thanks, Mr. Economy!  Mr. Crappy Economy.  Oh well.

Baby #2 came early.  I was sitting on the couch praying that my water would break since I didn’t really know what labor felt like!  This was my first full term pregnancy!  July 9, 2011 my water broke as I stood from the couch.  Jeff said, “Are you sure you didn’t pee yourself?”  Seriously.  He said that.  Always the compassionate person, this husband of mine.  He was not even close to being ready to go to the hospital because he is also a procrastinator.  This baby was not due til August 4th and I thought the 8th was more like it.  And…we had 138 miles to Dr. O!  It was 2:40pm.

About 45 minutes later we got in the car.  I was not having contractions, yet.  About an hour down the road we stopped at a rest stop and I asked to cut in front of a lady in line because I was in labor.  She replied with, “Oh God, yes!”  By then my contractions were every 4 minutes and getting harder.  We still had 60 miles to go!

We made it a little after 5:00pm and our dear friends from Tri Cities took Mason.  They checked me as soon as they got me in a room and I was six cm dilated.  This baby was coming tonight.  And you know what?  I think naivete is such a blessing sometimes.  My doula was available and Jeff was such a blessing.  My second boy was born at 8:44pm on July 9, 2011.

And he would lead me to some greater health decisions…


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