Skills handed down…

I’d had enough!  The cow keeps opening the barn door.  Apparently alfalfa is like crack to a cow and let’s not even try to figure out what Corn, Oats and Barley might compare to.  It was too blasted hot yesterday and besides that, it was Sunday.  Sunday, my God-Appointed day of rest.  So as soon as Creighton (baby #2) was down for his morning nap out went Mason and I to fix some things.  First we hammered fencing staples in the wire panels that separate the main section of the barn from the section where the hay is and where I milk the cow.  Then, I moved two horse panels in and fastened them so the hay was completely divided off from where I milk.  This task didn’t require much more than muscle, but when it’s 100 degrees out it doesn’t sound so fun.  Then we raked (as best we could) the hay out of the barn and made it a little more cleanly for milking.  I’m lucky blessed that this cow is old (and bony) and will stand nicely (nice and still) while I milk and has only once attempted to put her foot in the bucket (she didn’t appreciate some mold in the hay).  However, the dog appreciated the foot in the bucket because then he got the milk…hmm..,

So I had to call my dad and thank him today for the skills he taught me.  I think they’re just normal every day things that people know how to do, but unless you’ve lived the farm life you probably have no idea.  🙂


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