Tsetse Fly


I’m mulling over some deep thoughts today and decided to keep it light and instead, just keep mulling.  Here is my son’s first poster.  Mason is 4 and such a blessing to us.  We read “There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly” and on the back cover is a bunch of flies and the names of them.  He made up his own song about the tsetse fly (“Eesty, Beetsy, Tsetse fly”) and I decided I’d better grab ahold of this teachable moment.  I printed out the stuff, but he decided what should go on there and put the title in yellow (so you can’t really see it).  He told Jeff over supper last night that he (Jeff) better go to Africa with him, but take insect repellant so the flies don’t bite him.  I don’t think he has it figured out that his Daddy isn’t a traveler yet.  Perhaps Mama will go?!  Anyway, this is a proud moment of many I thought I’d share. 


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