14 Years Ago tonight…

WOW.  It’s really true.  As my husband said this morning, we HAVE been married longer than he/we attended public school.  And yes, I did not know what I was getting into when we had to stop and wash the car (corn syrup and powdered sugar) before we headed to Sidney, NE for the night.  And, I suppose I envisioned a milk cow in my future, but probably not at an acreage in Washington state!  Perhaps Wyoming or the Dakotas?  It’s been an adventure for sure.  14 years, 8 addresses, 4 area codes, 6 zip codes, 2 kids, and a slew of critters…Happy Anniversary, Lover (he loves it when I call him that).


One thought on “14 Years Ago tonight…

  1. I remember when Rick and I would count the anniversary’s to getting older….”longer than I lived at home”, “longer than in school”, “longer than our age”. Now we just “no longer compare!” Congrats and hope you have many many more anniversarys to celebrate!

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