Hello world!

This is my first post.  They say to write something about why I’m starting this.

Hmm…basically everyone has said I need to and while I’m hesitant to “put it all out there” I do realize that I can still give myself and my family privacy and blog at the same time.

Why Belly Acres?  Jeff and I joked way back when that we’d name our ranch (if we ever got one) Belly Acres/Belly Achers (meaning, big bellies and/or big complainers).  We now have our “mini-farm” out here on the beautiful, rolling Palouse and I’m quickly filling it with useful animals.  One hay burner (horse) is enough right now!

Enjoy the posts-mixed with some humor, some seriousness and faith, but hopefully not a lot of political flair (although since it’s my blog I can talk about whatever I want, right?).

Be blessed today!


4 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Well HOWDY Out here in Blogger land! You can share stories and still be private. Share the fun! The experience! The wonder! Be a teacher thru your blog how you eat, gather, cook, shop, create….all that wholesome goodness that you do! :))

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